Admin Features

Administration Day-to-day tools

Customer Management

  • Instantly access and edit customers profile, view history and manage account funds.
  • Edit individual customers' orders, view balance.
  • Easy new customer registration.
  • Track customer communications, billing management.
  • Control of all the customer details with ease.

Order Management

  • Instantly search for customer orders.
  • Fast admin ordering
  • View customer order history
  • View order history, edit orders, view/edit recurring subscriptions, etc.

Billing Management

  • Choose from a variety of major Payment Gateways including PayPal, Stripe, etc.
  • Bill your customers with flexibility – every day, every week, every month, or for orders in the future.
  • Professionally formatted paper/email/electronic billing

Route Management

  • Create/edit multiple delivery routes and pickup points for customer orders.
  • Quickly assign users to routes.
  • Re-position customers on your route easily

Automated Communication

  • Setup various automated email notifications to engage your customers and increase sales.
  • Track your emails to customers
  • Follow up after registration, first order and delivery
  • Order reminder emails
  • Delivery reminder emails
  • Email inactive customers

Product Management

  • Create as many categories and products as you need
  • Full control of product information
  • Sell seasonal products
  • Setup pre-order products
  • Special pricing/products/delivery fees for different routes or areas
  • Control featured products and sale items
  • Full supplier/vendor ordering management

Inventory Communication

  • Inventory automatically updates with every order.
  • Produce inventory reports and mass update inventories

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