Learn Farm Equipment Names And Their Uses

Posted on July 11, 2023

Farming has been a part of human life since the dawn of civilization, and although technology has changed the way we farm today, many traditional farming techniques are still used. Old-style farming relied heavily on manual labor and tools that were primitive by modern standards. Farmers would use simple hand tools like hoes, shovels, rakes, and sickles to cultivate their land and harvest their crops.

Nowadays, modern farmers have a huge range of equipment options for their various activities. For tilling and breaking up the soil, they may use a tractor-drawn plow or cultivator, which can cover larger areas much faster than the traditional methods. They may also employ precision farming technologies, such as GPS-guided tractors and soil sensors, to ensure accuracy and efficiency in their operations. According to a recent report and research by Statista, the sales of agriculture equipment in North America were 386,100 units in 2021, which is a growth of approximately 5% from the preceding year. The sales of agriculture equipment are expected to rise over the next few years and are expected to reach 439,600 units by 2028.

In this article, we’ll cover some common types of farm equipment and their uses so that you can stay safe and get your work done efficiently. From tractors to tillers, read on to learn more about these important machines!

Most Important Farm Equipment Names

Here are the most important names of farm equipment and their uses.

Farm Equipment Names
1. Tractor
3. Wagon
4. Backhoe
5. Cultivator
6. Plows

1. Tractor

A tractor is a versatile piece of farm equipment that can perform several tasks on the farm. You need to look for a tractor that has sufficient horsepower, a good transmission system, and an adjustable hitch. Tractors come in different sizes, so you need to choose the one that is appropriate for your farming needs.

tractor farm equipmemt

From plowing fields to hauling hay bales, tractors have been an essential part of the agricultural industry since their invention in the early 1900s. Modern tractors come with a range of features that allow them to adapt to different types of terrain and soil conditions.

Types Of Tractors

Depending on the size, type, and purpose, several types of tractors can be used to increase efficiency in various farming operations.

  • Compact tractors are designed for small-scale farming activities such as mowing grass.
  • Wheeled tractors offer increased maneuverability and power for heavier tasks such as plowing fields.
  • Lawn tractors provide excellent performance when it comes to landscaping jobs.
  • While track tractors offer superior traction and stability in muddy terrain.

All these types of tractors come with their own advantages and disadvantages which should be carefully considered before making a purchase decision.

Tractors offer incredible versatility on farms around the world – from small family farms to large commercial operations – making them one of the most important pieces of farm equipment available today!

Tractors Expected Price

Used tractors can be a great way to save money on essential farm equipment. The price of a used tractor will depend on the brand, model, age, and condition of the machine. Most used tractors range anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000.


ATV/UTV use in farm

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility vehicles (UTVs) are increasingly popular pieces of farm equipment that provide both fun and practicality. These four-wheelers offer a great combination of power, agility, and versatility to tackle any job on the farm. They can be used for everything from hauling hay bales to mowing grass or even just taking a leisurely ride around the property.


These four-wheelers can be used for a variety of tasks on the farm such as hauling hay bales or mowing grass. But they also offer more practical applications, like clearing away leaves, pine needles, brush, tree debris, and more. Depending on the attachment’s number of tines and spacing - which are both adjustable - ATV/UTV attachments can make quick work of large clean-up jobs around your property.

ATV/UTV Expected Price

An entry-level ATV can cost as little as $1,000 and is suitable for relatively light tasks, such as mowing grass or clearing away small debris. For more serious farm chores, such as hauling heavy hay bales or tilling soil, a mid-range ATV will likely suffice.

3. Wagon

Wagon Uses in farm

A wagon pulled by a tractor is an efficient way of transporting goods over long distances. The wagon is typically built on a frame with four wheels and is connected to the tractor by a trailer hitch.

Wagon Uses

Wagons are an essential part of any agriculture operation, allowing farmers to move goods, materials, and sometimes even people in large quantities. They are typically pulled by a tractor, which provides the necessary power for long-distance transportation. Wagons come in a variety of sizes and designs, with some models featuring adjustable loading ramps to facilitate the loading and unloading of cargo. They are also great for transporting hay, fertilizer, seedlings, tools, and other supplies around the farm.

Wagon Expected Price

Entry-level wagon dump carts are usually available for a relatively low price, starting around $100 or less. You can find models with more features and capacity in the range of $150–200.

For larger items, tow-behind trailers are an excellent choice. These trailers usually range from $200–500, depending on the size and features.

For heavy-duty farm operations, a self-propelled wagon may be the best option. Depending on the model and features, these wagons can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 or more.

4. Backhoe

Backhoes are a type of heavy equipment used in construction and farming. They are smaller and more maneuverable than excavators, making them well-suited for digging trenches or holes on uneven terrain. Backhoes also have the advantage of being able to reach spots that larger machines can't access, such as small areas between buildings or underneath decks. With their adjustable arms and buckets, backhoes can be used to perform a variety of tasks including excavation, demolition, grading, loading soil or gravel into trucks, and even landscaping projects like creating ponds or planting trees.


Uses Of Backhoe

Backhoes are versatile pieces of construction and farming equipment that have been used for decades. They are smaller and more maneuverable than large excavators, making them perfect for working on uneven terrain, such as ditches or slopes. As well as excavation and demolition, backhoes can also be used for light transportation of building materials, grading, and even landscaping projects.

Backhoe Expected Price

The cost of a backhoe depends on its size, features, and brand. As a general rule of thumb, smaller backhoes range from $10,000 to $20,000, while the larger models can cost up to $50,000 or more.

5. Cultivator

Cultivator in farm

A cultivator is a tool used to prepare the soil for planting. It helps to loosen the soil and also remove weeds. When choosing a cultivator, look for a durable frame and adjustable tilling depth.

Uses Of Cultivator

A cultivator is an essential tool for soil preparation, as it helps to break up clumps of soil and loosen compacted dirt. It can also be used to mix in organic matter such as compost or manure which will promote better nutrient absorption and water retention in the soil.

Cultivator Expected Price

Depending on the size and features, cultivators can cost anywhere from $300–$1,000 or more. Smaller walk-behind models are usually affordable and great for smaller operations while larger tractor-mounted models are better suited for larger farms.

6. Plows


A plow is used to break the soil and prepare it for planting. When choosing a plow, look for one with a durable frame, adjustable digging depth, and one that can work in different soil types.

Types Of Plows

Plows are essential tools used to break up and prepare the soil for planting. There are various types of plows available, each designed for different soil types and tasks. The most common type of plow

  • New. Jumbo Fixed Mould Board Plough.
  • Disc Plough (Domestic)
  • Reversible Mould Board Plough.
  • Mounted Mould Board Plough.

Uses Of Plows

Plows are used to break up and turn over the soil, which helps to aerate it and remove weeds. Plowing also helps loosen compacted dirt, allowing water and nutrients to penetrate the soil more easily. Plowed fields are easier to work on than unplowed ones, as they require less effort for planting and other tasks like weeding.

Plows Expected Price

The cost of a plow depends on its size, features, and brand. Smaller models are usually available for under $300, while larger models can cost up to $1,000 or more.


Farm businesses need the right farm tools to get the job done. ATVs/UTVs, wagons, backhoes, cultivators, and plows are all essential pieces of equipment that can help make farm operations more efficient and cost-effective. By understanding which features you need and shopping around for a good price, you’ll be sure to find the perfect tool for your farm.

admin | July 11, 2023

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