Further Tips for Fighting Flies on Livestock

Posted on August 15, 2023

Flies can be incredibly frustrating for farm business owners. Not only do they bother your livestock, but they can also spread disease and decrease production.

In a previous blog post, we discussed some basic tips for fighting flies on your farm. This time, we will go a step further and give you more specific tips for keeping flies under control.

Keep It Clean

The first and most important thing you can do to control flies is to keep your farm clean. Flies are drawn to manure and other decaying organic matter, so if you can keep these things under control, you can keep the fly population down. Make sure manure piles are far away from your barn and pastures, and clean out stables regularly. Use a rake and shovel to remove any manure and bedding material that has built up, and keep it in a sealed container until you can dispose of it properly.

Fly Traps

While cleaning is essential, it may not be enough to keep flies away entirely. One way to control the population is to use fly traps. There are many types of fly traps available, from sticky tapes to electronic zappers. Hang them around your barn and pastures to attract and trap flies. Make sure to replace them regularly so they stay effective.

Fly Predators

Another method of controlling flies is to introduce their natural predators onto your farm. Fly predators are tiny insects that feed on fly larvae, preventing them from becoming adult flies. These predators are easy to use, simply sprinkle them in areas where fly larvae are present, such as manure piles or wet areas. They are also safe for your livestock to be around.

Avoid Excessive Moisture

Flies are attracted to moist environments, so it is crucial to keep your farm as dry as possible. Ensure that the drainage in your barn is working correctly, and try to avoid overwatering in and around pastures. If you have any standing water on your farm, such as a pond, make sure to keep it aerated to discourage the growth of fly larvae.

Treat Your Livestock

The last tip for controlling flies is to treat your livestock regularly. There are many fly-repellent products available that can be sprayed or applied to your animals. These products often contain natural ingredients like citronella or eucalyptus oil. In addition, you can use fly masks and fly sheets to protect your animals from biting flies. Be sure to follow all instructions when using these products to ensure they are safe for your animals.


Flies can cause issues for your farm business, but with effort, you can keep them under control. Keeping your farm clean, using fly traps and predators, controlling moisture, and treating your livestock are all ways to decrease the fly population. Remember, it is important to stay vigilant in the fight against flies and to continue to use these methods regularly to see the best results for your farm.

admin | August 15, 2023

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